About Fox. On the Road.

Fox. On the Road.

I love to travel, and take cool people with me. I am attracted to anything that moves, smells yummy, or looks pretty in pictures.  Those who who have traveled with me know that I will eat anything, and won’t feel sorry for the little creature on my plate.

I lead an extraordinary group of travelers across the globe through my Eurocircle Travels program.  Each year, members from all over the world, descend upon a chosen destination, and strangers who have never met before, but share a passion for the exotic, become friends in a short period of time. We traverse the globe, trek jungles of Peru and Cambodia, climb the Andes, dance with Dervishes, pet tigers, eat snake paired with champagne,  and when its all over, go home with memories of a lifetime.

When I am not planning adventures around the world, I am involved in countless projects and meeting interesting people. And so, rather than risk the unfortunate consequences of amnesia or dementia in old age, I decided to document my life in plain words and pretty pictures.

Before I forget to extend the invitation, you are always welcome to join one of my Eurocircle trips. You just have to be educated, nice, adventuresome, and sexy (no complainers or divas are allowed, as my customer service skills are non-existent).


2017 Destinations:

Tesla Science Foundation’s Fundraiser at Serbian Royal Palace

Singles in Paradise: Greek Island Getaway with Kristi D. Price Coaching

Save Cambodia Fundraiser and Cultural Visit

Eurocircle Travels to Australia & New Zealand, 2017

Past Trips:

Eurocircle Travels to Argentina, 2016

Eurocircle Safari Through Southern Africa, 2015 (Namibia, Botswana & Zambia)…Maybe Zimbabwe too. 2015

Eurocircle Explores Incredible India, 2014

Eurocircle Travels to Cambodia & Vietnam, 2013

Vietnam Photos:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/84030770@N02/sets/72157635879168266/

Cambodia Photos:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/84030770@N02/sets/72157635874092323/

Eurocircle Travels to Peru, 2012

Eurocircle Travels to Turkey, 2011



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