Eurocircle Travels to Australia & New Zealand, 2017

Founded in 1999, Eurocircle grew from a tiny studio apartment on the Upper East Side, NY into a global friendship network for Europeans, Expats and Internationals.  It spread by word of mouth into chapters around Europe, South America and Asia into 350,000 members of educated, young professionals.

I was lucky to join the group in 2000, and eventually organize fun social events in Philadelphia and NYC. In 2011, I started Eurocircle Travels Around the World on a whim, with it’s first trip to Turkey. Time flies, and we grew fast!


Today, I am a travel supplier and group travel organizer thanks to Eurocircle. With over 26 destinations under our belt and growing, I have now expanded to plan fundraising trips for charities and non-profits, but EC will always be my favorite travelers to meet up with.

For this year, I have organized a 12 day itinerary of Best of Australia and New Zealand. Together, we will enjoy Sydney’s harbor, taste delectable Australian wines, trek across the outback, sail across the Great Barrier Reef, then jet over to New Zealand to view its nature and wildlife.

If you are a young, worldly professionals who would love to travel with like minded individuals, join us!



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