Tesla Science Foundation Reception with Serbian Royal Family

July 9, 2016 — This year, the Tesla Science Foundation celebrated Nikola Tesla’s birthday in Belgrade, Serbia, and launched it’s series of annual trips to expose it’s supporters to Tesla’s birthplace, the cultures of former Yugoslavia.

I was happy to organize the cocktail reception at Beli Dvor (Serbia’s Royal Palace) which was hosted by HRH Prince Alexander and HRH Princess Katherine. Our hosts were very warm and welcoming, and our delegation of supporters from USA, enjoyed an intimate evening as their guests.


The evening began with warm introductions by TSF’s president Nikola Lonchar, and a personal greeting with each supporter. Guests enjoyed a small reception in the palace’s courtyard, and on its sprawling terrace overlooking the city of Belgrade.

Princess Katherine spoke with us about the family’s return to Serbia after a long exile living in the UK, and the restoration of their beloved Beli Dvor. We also learned about her work supporting children and children’s hospitals throughout Serbia, and her efforts to raise funds and modernize their medical equipment.

We were then lead on a tour of the palace, it’s beautifully decorated walls and the legendary frescoes in its chapel. Overall, this was an unforgettable evening, and the start of a long collaboration of TSF and the Serbian Royal Family. Together, we can expose the world to the life and works of Nikola Tesla, while showing the world the beauty and charm of our Serbia.

I am happy to report that we have just been invited to host a larger group of supporters and friends in Belgrade 2017, and I am busy planning yet another gathering with the Serbian Royal Palace, and the Tesla Science Foundation.

If interested in attending, please contact me:  Sherry Kumar,  philadelphia@eurocircle.com



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