The Magic of Montenegro

July 11, 2016  — Our tour of Serbia ended with a beautiful reception at Beli Dvor with the Serbian Royal Family. The next morning we caught an early flight from Nikola Tesla Airport, to Tivat. From there we drove down Montenegro’s rocky coastline, passing through ancient cobble stone towns and rocky beaches to our home for the next few days, Sveti Stefan.

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What makes Sveti Stefan so intriguing is that it is a former, private playground of Yugoslavia’s late President Josip Broz Tito. Growing up in Yugoslavia we spent most of our summers on the beaches of Montenegro, yet this island peninsula was off limits to everyone. Here he hosted private parties with Hollywood celebrities like Liz Taylor, Sofia Loren and Omar Sharif in his private guest houses and casinos.

After the Balkan wars of the 90’s, the island was purchased by the luxury hotel chain Aman Resorts, and has since then been renovated into a stunning, yet pricey resort. Nevertheless, its spectacular beaches are still pristine, and tourism is stronger than ever. Sveti Stefan is surrounded by smaller towns such as Milocer, which also boasts  beautiful private villas and spectacular views of the sea.


What to do when visiting the area?  Though beaches are the main reason to visit, the area is full of ancient history, fine cuisine and a strong nightlife.

We explored the ancient city of Kotor. The best thing to compare it to is Dubrovnik which is located north in Croatia. But, unlike Dubrovnik, Kotor is less known to tourists, a bit more secluded, though virtually identical.  You might be surprised to know that the entire Adriatic coastline is littered with small fortified towns like Kotor and Dubrovnik. Just a couple of miles away, are the ancient walls of “Old Town” Budva which also lies directly on the coast.


This area is known for its fresh seafood, caught right in front of the port. Porto is an excellent seafood restaurant located near Old Town Budva, and the seafood is so fresh, you can select your own fish as it is coming out of the sea. Old Town also has a lot of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, and the town features an annual summer concert with local pop-stars, and fireworks.


We toured the town of Cetinje, and climbed up Mount Lovcen for spectacular views and to visit its granite tomb at its peak. Be prepared to climb 422 steps to the top! On the way down to the way of Kotor, I highly recommend a stop to the restaurant Belvedere. Perched up on the side of Mount Lovcen, its terraces overlook the spectacular Boka Bay and its surrounding pine forests.


Moro photos on Flickr:

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