My Two Cents: Centurion Lounge Miami

Heading back from Puerto Rico, I had a short layover at Miami airport. It was a late night, and I was tired, so I thought that the long trek through Miami airport and it’s air train system was worth the hassle. I had heard so much about American Express’s new luxury airport lounges, but my travels rarely take me to the few airports where they remain hidden.

So, I arrived at Miami’s Centurion lounge, tired, cranky, in need of rest. Upon check-in, the hostess asked for my Platinum Card, then informed me that all lounge amenities are complementary. She also warned me that I don’t have much time, even though my flight was almost ninety minutes away, I would have to take the air train to a different terminal, a 45 minute commute.

My first surprise was how small the lounge is. Meant to look and feel exclusive, the place was virtually packed, and I had a hard time securing a table. The bar was even more packed, probably because it’s top shelf liquor is all on the house. I am not much of a drinker when I travel, but I did enjoy a sparkly glass of Veuve during my short layover.

The buffet was well stocked of fully cooked entrees, fresh salads, soft drinks and snacks. One of the things I always miss when traveling and practically living inside airport lounges, is the availability of healthy, fresh foods. Some airlines only stock packaged cookies, chips and crackers, while a few offer some fresh, healthier choices. The difference with Centurion, that there was a variety of choices, and something for everyone.

My only complaint was how crowded it was. It seemed that everyone in the airport who had an Amex was here. I’m exaggerating because the lounge is much smaller than most, and travelers will hike the extra mile to find it, as the amenities are much better than in other lounges.

Wish I could have enjoyed it longer, but I had to run to Terminal C to catch a flight!




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