Celebration: 200 years of Serbs in America

200 Years of Serbs in America’ celebrations held in Philadelphia

Photos by SusanScovill.com

SERBS_GATHERING001 1. The anniversary celebration of “200 Years of Serbs in the United States” brought together Serbian-Americans and friends of Serbs throughout the North American continent. The anniversary celebration took place from June 27 to June 29, 2014 in Philadelphia. Philadelphia was chosen as the site for the celebration because the first Serb, Djordje Sagic, later known as George Fisher, arrived in the United States through the port of Philadelphia. The primary goal of this historical event in the United States was not only to celebrate the arrival of the first Serb, but also to celebrate Serbian culture, arts, sciences, sports and business. The Tesla Science Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, hosted the celebration. On Saturday, June 28,  The Tesla Science Foundation hosted a reception and dinner at Arch Street Meeting House in Olde City, Philadelphia. (From left) Sherry Kumar, Nikola Lonchar, founder and president of Tesla Science Foundation,  and event chair Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott,  paused for a photo during the wine reception.


2. The Tesla Science Foundation is dedicated to promoting the life, legacy and scientific innovations of Nikola Tesla by raising awareness of his  contributions to the 21st Century, including his many patents and inventions. Nikola Tesla, visionary and scientist, is included in the UNESCO  Memory of the World register. Nikola Lonchar, president/founder of the Tesla Science Foundation welcomed attendees to the event. 3. Jadranka Jovanovic, Prima Donna of Republic of Serbia (left) paused for a photo with Sherry Kumar (right) during the reception.



 4. (From left) Event Chair Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott was pictured with her husband Dan Scott,  and Tatjana Misic during the wine reception and silent auction.

5. (From left) Mira and Gray Bishop.


 6. (From left) Tina, Dusan, Drazen and Natasa Cvijanovic.


 7. (From left) Elvy Paiva,  Ned Milenkovich and Susan Hakkarain.


8. (From left) Drina Rajic, Obrad Kesic and Gordana Loncar.

SERBS_GATHERING009 9. (From left) Jack Mallette, Gordana Loncar, Sherry Kumar and Milica Schiavio.


 10. (From left) Zorica Pantic, Lars Liebisch and Ivana Magovcevic-Liebisch.


 11. (From left) Ilija Boroja, Jelena Kostic, Milanovic Miljan, Mladen Ilic, Tatjana Misic and Milica Schiavio.


 12. (From left) Drina Rajic, Obrad Kesic, Milica Schiavio and Mirna Mowcicevic.


 13. (From left) Filip Filipi, Sanja Vrcelj and Milo Dubak attended the event.

SERBS_GATHERING001414. (From left) Stevan Bajic and his parents, Dr. Milena Bajic and Stojan Bajic.


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