Eurocircle Event: Gray Clouds and Silver Linings for the Balkans

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Philadelphia, PA — The spring brought flowers to some parts of the world, and devastating floods to others. Though the media coverage has been limited, the damage to the cities and villages throughout the Balkan region has been tremendous. Entire cities of Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia are under water, and our friends and neighbors face a devastating crisis that could take years to recover from.


Though the response from the ex-Yugoslav diaspora has been quick, what is important to point out is the level of teamwork and solidarity this disaster has brought.  As I watched friends and colleagues organize various relief efforts, I admired in silence the unprecedented comradeship with which these projects began to unfold.  We Balkans tend to be a temperamental bunch, still reeling from after-effects of the war.  Though “forgive and forget” is not a concept we readily accept, I have to admit, this may be the first time in history, we ignored our painful past, rolled up our sleeves and rushed to help those neighbors we hurt only a decade ago.


The say gray clouds have silver linings, and the silver of this cloud is shining brighter than ever in our history. What good could have come of this massive flood, that drowned entire cities, and left hundreds of thousands homeless? From Philadelphia to New York, the deluge united thousands of Serbs, Bosnians and Croats, Orthodox, Muslims and Catholics, to organize clothing drives, concerts, cash donations and formal fundraisers. For the first time in years, no one paid attention to ethnicity nor religion, and friends who live in the disaster areas commented on how quickly the help arrived from “former enemies”.


Here in Philadelphia, the fundraisers continue, and below are photos from Eurocircle’s Fundraiser for Balkan Flood Victims hosted at the Pyramid Club.  For copies of original photos, please contact Susan Scovill.


Eurocircle members and supporters raise funds for Balkan flood victims during cocktail party at the Pyramid Club in Philadelphia



Eurocircle’s Sherry Kumar (left) paused for a photo with Jelena Vojinovic, Pedja Filipovic and Ivana Grujic during the benefit event.


 2. Natasha and Drazen Cvijanovic (left and right) chatted with Sherry Kumar during the benefit event.


5. Pitou Devgon, M.D., and Vadim Telyatnikov.


6. Kimberley Wingfield chatted with Darnell Hegarty.


7. Udai Patania and Robert Courtney.


8. (From left) Nancy Rieti, Lauren O’Leary and Christi Price.


9. (From left)  Monika Borkowska, Yelena Forster and Mila Mulligan.


10. (From left)  Marilyn Muchnick, Ilija Saula and Meg Johnson.


12. (From left)  event co-chair Cristina Petrescu, Zvezdana Scott, Sherry Kumar and Drazen Cvijanovic were pictured during the benefit event.



 13. Jessica Graae and Sean Capuano attended the Balkan flood victims fundraiser at the Pyramid Club..


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