Interview: Social Life Magazine on Eurocircle Travels


September, 2013

By Julie Leventhal

This summer, the rooftop bar at Manhattan’s Gansevoort Park Hotel was packed with people from every corner of the world who were enjoying New York City Eurocircle style. Eurocircle is a members-only club for people to share their passion for travel and make new friends from all across the globe. Established in 1999, Eurocircle has more than 350,000 members and attracts educated and worldly professionals from every continent.  Through word of mouth, it has grown into a worldwide social club whose members exchange ideas, tips and professional contacts. An English artist can easily befriend a Tanzanian doctor. Eurocircle organizes exciting cultural and social events via its website.

For the third year, Eurocircle is embarking on a global travel adventure. The organization kicked off its travel program by touring Turkey in 2011.  While shopping at Istanbul’s spice markets and silk bazaars, visiting ancient sites like Ephesus, and soaking in Turkish baths, members bonded and cultivated friendships with travelers from all over the world.  When the trip was over, the immediate reaction was: “Let’s do it again” says Sherry Kumar, the founder of its travel program.  So, in 2012, the group toured Peru and climbed Machu Pichu. This September, 16 members from various countries will meet in Cambodia and Vietnam for an unforgettable journey. Highlights of the trip will include exploring the temple complex of Angkor Wat, delighting in the culinary scenes of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and sailing on a private boat down Halong Bay.  “The goal of the travel program is to expand it into semi-annual departures with tours appealing to different tastes and travel styles”, says Sherry Kumar, Eurocircle’s Philadelphia and NYC organizer.

To join, visit and sign up for a free membership. You will soon receive and invitation to its next event.


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