Project Tesla: Opening Night of Exhibit with Serbian Royals

Photos by Sam Mason

New York, NY — After moths of negotiations with the Tesla Museum of Belgrade to bring the Tesla exhibit to America, the two organizations met in New York to sign the agreement at the Serbian Consulate. The meeting was filmed by Joseph Sikorski of the famed Fragments of Olympus, in order to document the grand occasion and add material to the film.

Tesla Science Foundation at the Serbian Consulate, NYCThe Tesla Museum of Belgrade had brought with it a mobile exhibition depicting the life and inventions of the legendary inventor Nikola Tesla. The Tesla Science Foundation will be taking the exhibit on the road, and be part of some of the best known museums across the country. The question for us now is how to best present these inventions in a way that is of interest to children and adults alike, as well as inspire people who are not familiar with Nikola Tesla to think about energy.

Tesla Science Foundation, Tesla Museum of Belgrade & Serbian Consul General

With only a few hours notice, we drove cross town to Queens, where the opening night ceremony was to take place at the New York Hall of Science. To mark the occasion, the Foundation’s founder Nikola Loncar was honored by the Republic of Serbia for his work to bring Tesla to the USA. Serbian Consul General Mirjana Zivkovic presented the award.

Awards Ceremony

The ceremony featured a short address by HRH Prince Alexander of Serbia, followed by Serbian musical program.

Prince Alexander of Serbia


Following the awards ceremony, we met briefly with the CEO of the Tesla Museum of Belgrade to sign the actual agreement, and take over the traveling exhibit.

We have a museum!

And then the evening’s festivities began. The event was well attended, mostly by Tesla supporters and members of the Serbian community of New York. The famed Tesla Coils were on display and operated by two young scientists who were demonstrating how the coil powers a light bulb wirelessly.

Tesla Coil at Work

Keep in mind that wireless transmission of energy was invented by Tesla close to a 100 years ago, back when most people couldn’t even comprehend the uses for such an invention.

But the highlight of the evening was the Serbian Royal Family. They were quite interested in the exhibit and took their time to meet each guest in person.

Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine

Sherry Kumar, Maureen Loncar & Prince Alexander

Overall, the opening night of the Tesla Traveling Exhibit was a great success. The supporters really enjoyed themselves and our guests of honor were the center of attention for the night. The Tesla Science Foundation got another feather in its hat, and now the real work begins.

Wraping up the NightUPDATE: July 19, 2013

Our exhibit is featured in Huffington Post

Nikola Tesla Exhibit Showcases Edison’s Great Rival At The New York Hall Of Science


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