My Two Cents: From Scotland with Love Fashion Show

New York, NY  (April 8, 2013) — What is it about men in kilts that makes women smile?  Not one to be impressed by the fashion choices of men, I tend to ignore what most wear because the alternative is to simply cringe.  I am not sure if it is a lack of upbringing or a sense of true privilege that makes them disregard the opinions of others, but the wrinkled t-shirts, moth eaten pants and rubber flip flops most sport in public, remind me of bums I see crawling out of Salvation Army dumpsters at night in Philadelphia.

The organizers of From Scotland with Love had added Eurocircle to the guest list of their annual event The Scottish Lion Meets the Asian Dragon, and guests were asked to dress the part. I wasn’t too excited to see a male fashion show, but if I could mix and mingle with some handsome international models, I had nothing to lose.

From Scotland with Love Fashion Show
From Scotland with Love Fashion Show

The show featured mostly emerging designers and a few big names in fashion, but for the most part it was a show of 50% tartan and 50% Chinese silk. And while the hosts did their best to tie the two cultures together into a cohesive theme, neither pulled off the Asian/Scottish outfit with ease.

A few men did look quite dashing tough. The first was Sargent Dan Nevins (ret. US Army) who came out in support of the The Wounded Warrior Project. Despite his lack of limbs, he did make the kilt and combat boot ensemble look sexy.

Men in Kilts
Men in Kilts

And the second was socio-political activist Arun Gandhi, who paired a red and gray tartan kilt designed by Wold Peace by Glensila, with a navy blazer.

Arun Gandhi
Arun Gandhi

I was eager to see the collection of one of my favorite Asian designers Zang Toi, who specializes in very feminine evening wear, but he turned out to be a big disappointment. He showed three dragon embroidered evening gowns that deserved a standing ovation, but his own interpretation of the Scottish Lion Meets the Asian Tiger was not attractive at all.

Zang Toi Collection
Zang Toi Collection

While I’m sure he designed the velvet kilt himself, and paired it well with the fitted blazer, the black tights were not at all manly. I’m sure it wasn’t his intent to feign masculinity,  but in a room full of macho men in skirts, his tights and the prance down the runway, definitely made him stand out.

In all, this fashion show proved that men is skirts could be a good thing. The majority looked handsome, but it took a certain attitude to pull the look off.  The ones who succeeded were the masculine, confident ones. The ones who failed were the little scrawny ones.


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