Local Intel: What to do in Lima

Lima, Peru (August, 2012)  Peru’s sprawling mega-capital, is actually a pile of many smaller cities, situated on the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean.  Though practically a barren desert, the city is known for its uber-chic seafood restaurants and its trendy, world renowned cuisine. In fact, food is so important to Limans, that the government has established a Boulevard of Gastronomy in the Surquillo district, turning … Continue reading Local Intel: What to do in Lima

Local Intel: Berlin Art Galleries

I haven’t been to Berlin since the Wall came down, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how much and how little the city has changed. On one hand, the line between east and west has been blurred, and to an unsuspecting tourist it may seem like there never was a wall separating the two parts. On the other hand, unlike most … Continue reading Local Intel: Berlin Art Galleries