Local Intel: Belgrade Beer Fest, 2013

Back to my assertion that Belgrade is the party capital of Europe, I want to give you some info about this year’s celebration of the tenth anniversary of Belgrade Beer Fest. As the festival grows in notoriety, more and more people descend upon Belgrade for this late summer bash.

Founded in 2003, on the banks of the brown Danube and at the foot of the ancient Kalemegdan fortress, this festival features over 90 international brands of beer (sorry no Sauvignon Blanc), and five days of the best international music performers like Metallica, Belo Dugme, Timo Mas, Crvena Jabuka, etc.

Entrance is free, the beer is cheap, and that is what attracts people from all over the world to the city of Belgrade. The festival has received numerous awards. British newspaper “The Independent”, recently ranked Belgrade Beer Fest™ , among 20 world events that must be visited.

Having seen it already, for me, once is enough. But if you are looking for a good reason to visit this beautiful capital, I recommend you time your visit to the Belgrade Beer Fest. You can enjoy 5 days of music, while sitting on the banks of the Danube enjoying one of its floating nightclubs.


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