Local Intel: Shanghai Surreal

Shanghai, China — Shanghai is a surreal city. I don’t think that there is another town to compare it to, so the best way to describe it is The Jetsons in Chinatown. Unlike its northern neighbor Beijing, Shanghai is modern, vibrant and most of all, alive. The city never sleeps, nor does it ever stop eating. Things don’t stop moving, neon lights never stop blinking, … Continue reading Local Intel: Shanghai Surreal

Travel with Friends: Evading Spies in Beijing

Beijing, China — The Chinese are strange people. I have made this observation before, but somehow, every time I come back to China, I find them even more baffling. And so, you will notice that each of my posts on China, reaches that same conclusion.  Sometimes I just chuckle, other times I am deeply perplexed that as someone who has traveled the entire globe several … Continue reading Travel with Friends: Evading Spies in Beijing