Life in the Arctic Circle with Kirsty Halliday

I have always admired people who take freedom to a whole other level. The older I get, the more I dream of leaving everything behind to wander the world aimlessly. Years ago, my favorite gypsy Kirsty Halliday did just that. She left her corporate job in Philly, for what she thought was a summer road trip in an RV. I watched her explore those parts … Continue reading Life in the Arctic Circle with Kirsty Halliday

Private Travel Manager & Companion

In a world where experience is the biggest luxury we have, making memories is our most precious indulgence. Travel is one of life’s ultimate experiences. It expands our horizons, opens our eyes, and alters our existence. But, traveling as a single woman can be a frustrating experience. Sherry Kumar delivers truly experiential services, direct to you, adapted to meet your personal travel requirements. Available at … Continue reading Private Travel Manager & Companion

Travel Snobbery 101

You’ve met them before, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Those friends who just happen to know the “real” Timbuktu- not they way you have seen it as a tourist, but the way they know it as a global nomad. You can’t contribute anything to the travel conversation, because no matter what you say, they smile sympathetically, snicker, because you poor soul, you … Continue reading Travel Snobbery 101

Eurocircle Travels to Australia & New Zealand, 2017

Founded in 1999, Eurocircle grew from a tiny studio apartment on the Upper East Side, NY into a global friendship network for Europeans, Expats and Internationals.  It spread by word of mouth into chapters around Europe, South America and Asia into 350,000 members of educated, young professionals. I was lucky to join the group in 2000, and eventually organize fun social events in Philadelphia and … Continue reading Eurocircle Travels to Australia & New Zealand, 2017

Travel Clubs International is Born

After 7 years of organizing life altering experiences for Eurocircle Travels Around the World, I finally took the plunge, and made travel my permanent lifestyle. I quit my full-time job, acquired 7 new clients in the last six months, and decided to live mostly in business class! Yes, I am that exhausted, disheveled vagabond, with smudged makeup and unwashed hair, taking up space at your … Continue reading Travel Clubs International is Born

Eurocircle’s Adventure in Argentina, 2016

We are back! Eurocircle’s sixth annual adventure has concluded in the wet and wild Iguassu Falls, so needless to say, our annual photo which we always take dressed in white was replaced with a photo of us drenched and shivering amidst some of the most powerful waterfalls in the world. But, our trip actually began in the chic and sophisticated city of Buenos Aires. We … Continue reading Eurocircle’s Adventure in Argentina, 2016

Tesla Science Foundation Reception with Serbian Royal Family

July 9, 2016 — This year, the Tesla Science Foundation celebrated Nikola Tesla’s birthday in Belgrade, Serbia, and launched it’s series of annual trips to expose it’s supporters to Tesla’s birthplace, the cultures of former Yugoslavia. I was happy to organize the cocktail reception at Beli Dvor (Serbia’s Royal Palace) which was hosted by HRH Prince Alexander and HRH Princess Katherine. Our hosts were very … Continue reading Tesla Science Foundation Reception with Serbian Royal Family